Why we start 3commas™

The 3commas brand story is inspired by the multiple meanings of the comma. Firstly, a comma signifies a pause, and we aim for our customers to take a pause in their fast-paced lives, enjoying a cup of coffee anytime, anywhere. Secondly, a comma encourages reflection, allowing individuals to take a moment to contemplate while savoring their coffee. Lastly, a comma connects sentences, symbolizing continuity, and we hope that our coffee invigorates people to carry on with renewed energy. 3commas coffee not only offers a taste experience but also acts as a bridge, connecting people with each other and with themselves, adding meaning to every "comma" in life.

we care, we recycle

Don't throw us away, we are using environmentally friendly and recyclable materials for our capsules packaging. Unlike other FMCG brands, one time use throw away, we encourage our customers to keep those bottles, it can be turned as a display, or it can be used to join our recycling events. They can be used to exchange for vouchers, free gifts, designer crafts, or free boutique barista coffee. The recycling point will be set around cities, our own offline events, coffee shops, or bakery shops etc., More details will be release later. Stay tuned.

we promise we will recycle every single unit of our capsules.

Customer Obsession

We firmly believe that if we want to do something breakthrough, we have to take your feedbacks seriously. Our culture is open-minded, engaging, reponsive and humble-minded, we will closely listen to your opinions on our design, product tastes. We want to make something that you like.

Bring in new technology

Compared to traditional instant coffee, which is using spray dried technology, it will lead to the great loss of original roasted beans aroma and flavor as the result of high temperature. 3COMMAS is using the cold drip freeze dried powder, greatly reduce the loss of original aroma and flavors because of the low temperature processing. And it's faster to dissolve in 0-100° water due to its powder form. It only takes you 1-3 minutes to make a good cup of coffee.