about the company and the hiring

Instant Coffee was invented 100 years ago, till now, there is not much of changes, maybe it's because those big companies are too big to keep up with the changing of consumer liking. We don't like this. We feel it's not right, it's about time to innovate, reinvent this instant coffee for the good, innovative packaging, new technology, more engaging coffee community, put customers liking and experience in the first and core priority. We don't set limit to only coffee, as long as we don't feel right, we think customers deserve better product and services, we will go and make some changes.

We are a new company, the founder has a different vision on the corporate structure and culture, we will be running a flat structure, merits go first, and open-minded, encouraging making mistakes and innovation, most importantly, build a most fun company to work with. Because we believe only our team is having fun, then our customers feel the same way.

If you share the same vision and mindset, join us to make a change. 

Email us by [work4fun@3commas.life] and check the job description here