when you have another choice

Capsule coffee that doesn't require a machine

Instant good quality, on the go, pocketable

3COMMAS™ Capsule Instant Coffee TRIO 3g 100% arabica

no preservative added


We don’t add preservative but use aluminum and nitrogen to seal the capsules, making the coffee powder stay fresh. Unlike traditional packaging, once exposed to air, it loses the freshness every single day

3COMMAS™ Capsule Instant Coffee Light Roasted 3g 100% arabica Kenya

no capsule machine needed

convenience & premium

We brew the ground coffee by cold drip and followed by -40° processing to ensure the well preservation of original beans aroma and tastes. We just save all the hastles for you, simply take it anywhere and anytime with you

3COMMAS™ Capsule Instant Coffee Medium Roasted 3g 100% arabica Brazil

single serving portion/ 3g

just about right

The single capsule contains 3 gram of fine processed coffee powder, will be good enough to blend with water/ milk/ oat milk/ soy milk. The powdered form makes it fast dissolve in any temperature, 0-100°

3COMMAS™ Capsule Instant Coffee Dark Roasted 3g 100% arabica Ethiopia

coffee for green

and, yes we recycling

Don't throw away our capsules, we will be recycling soon, they can be used to redeem points for vouchers, free gifts, designer crafts, social caring events etc., we will be announcing soon for the recycling stations around the cities.