3COMMAS™ Capsule Instant Coffee TRIO 3g 100% arabica

RM58.50 MYR

The Light:
This is what Kenya beans known and famous for, the bright acidity, intense fruity flavors, and a syrupy sweet body. Kirinyaga County, which has the best output of coffee beans in the region. It comes with light-roasted, citrus flavor and alongside the hazelnuts note.
The Medium:
Brazilian beans from Brazil Santos, well known as the specialty grade coffee, the tastes and notes are soft, nutty, low acid, nutty, and with nice bittersweet chocolate tastes. With the balanced blend of smooth and silky South American Arabica pairs perfectly for your morning wakeup or afternoon enjoyment.
The Dark:
The beans are selected from Ethiopia. It's a deep-roasted long coffee with complex woodsy and nuts notes and bright acidity come to the forefront alongside a delicious caramelized sugar sweetness.

For light roasted coffee: suggest to go with 250-300 ml of 1-100° water, the americano or cold brew way
For medium and dark roasted coffee: suggest to go with 250-300 ml of 0-100° milk, oat milk or soy milk.

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